‘Teppanyaki’ grill

We wanted some means to cook alfresco while away in the caravan, the usual suspect being a bbq.

Looking around for ideas, we could continue to use our small charcoal bbq, although not particularly portable, but maybe change it for a fold away one. Or perhaps a gas one, lots of different ones either using a regular gas bottle or cartridge available. The Cadac name kept popping up in my research, this seemed a little pricy and would I use it enough to justify the cost, plus the extra weight to carry once I’ve got gas for it.

Then I wondered if an electric bbq existed and could be used from our external socket? The benefit would be the fuel, I’m already paying for hook up so why not have cooking from this source instead of coming from the gas that I’ll have to pay extra for. Indeed there are a number of electric bbq’s including one from a former heavy weight boxer, but again they seemed a little expensive and the reviews were not often that positive. But I was close to purchasing one that had limited but favorable reviews.

Finally i found the word ‘Teppanyanki’ was often used in online forum discussions about cooking and caravans. Essentially a flat heated plate for Japanese style cooking. I kept coming back to them, quite cheap, fairly light and could be used for all sorts (think full English), cooking inside and out on the ‘free’ electricity. They remind me of the hot food stalls you get at shows, where they cook the burgers, sausages and bacon along with some onion sizzling away on the hot plate, if I’m honest that helped swing the decision!

I ordered one at a cost of under £27, I’m not expecting the control of cooking with gas or the traditional taste of burgers cooked over a flame, but something convenient and versatile. Time will tell if paying so little provides a long lasting, quality product, but plenty of the Lidl supplied ones that forum users are reporting that they are still going strong after years of use.

It’s now arrived and I’ve had a chance to look at it, also tried an egg on it, so far so good! I suspect once I’ve got used to the way it cooks it’ll be a great asset. Can’t wait to try some other things on it.

20170330_19065120170330_192650I’ve now been away and this grill had been amazing! It’s been mostly simple things, cooked breakfast…eggs, sausages, bacon and mushrooms (our Tesco delivery didn’t have the hash browns we ordered). Burgers and more sausages with some onion too, but it behaved impeccably. I found you do need to add a little oil or butter just to get things started, but it was fast and convenient, and requires very little cleaning after. So a thumbs up as a good replacement for a bbq.




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