City of Bath

The City of Bath, is an impressive place, filled with Georgian architecture with honey coloured stone from the 1800 century, the other historical interest is the Roman’s, with the well preserved baths, that provides yet another reason to visit. We went this April as part of our Somerset holiday.

After driving to Bath from Longleat and finding somewhere to park for the day, we decided to head straight for the Roman baths, I’d visited as a child, and remembered the main Roman bath with its green coloured water, similar to that Olympic pool in Rio last year, although for different reasons.


This time round I was able to take in more of the information and history, and I was left considering how advanced this 2000 year old civilisation was, aside from the obvious things like the internet and motorised vehicles (upgrades to libraries and horse power) many things were in place, keys, cutlery, under floor heating, pipes to carry water, coins and so on. Another thing that struck me was the religion, they were happy to adapt and incorporate beliefs from those places they conquered…a way to appease their new subjects maybe?

We then headed off to buy a couple of items we needed and then had a lazy wander around, planning to head over to the famous Royal Crescent after a spot of lunch. Suitably fed and watered we walked to first to the Circus and then to see the Crescent, the former designed by architect John Wood in the palladian style, his son John, finished them off and then went on to design a number of other schemes including the Royal Crescent. Although I added these pictures, it can’t truly convey the look of this place, it was a grand era of design.

Later we would return here as we picked up our first tour bus around the city, it’s a good way to learn about what you can see and tell some of the stories, I didn’t know Bath was the social centre of our country for a period of time when Beau Nash was master of ceremonies, introducing ‘good manners’ etiquette, shame that seems to be going out the window in some places. Or that queen Victoria visited as a child on her first royal engagement, but after reading a news report that criticised her dress, how she vowed never to return, and years later when her train came through, it’s said she had her blinds drawn so she didn’t have to look on Bath and her subjects couldn’t see her!

Our final adventure here would be to visit the Thermae spa, situated near Roman baths, this is a multi floor experience, with the lowest floor having a large heated pool and lazy river with underwater jets in various places. Further up is the restaurant, followed by the treatment rooms, steam rooms, aroma showers. And then finally on top of the building is another, open air heated pool, from here you could see the top of buildings and hillside and we saw two hot air balloons travelling over the city whilst up there. After a meal and a final dip, we headed back to the car and made our way home to the Freedom caravan, with the plan to relax and open a bottle and share a glass, reflecting back on a good day.


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