1066…a date from English history, actually October the 14th 1066 to be precise. A single day forever etched into the pages of history, the Battle of Hastings.

What’s that got to do with this blog post? Well we took the Freedom to a lovely site, Normanhurst Court near Battle (the actual place of this famous and ferocious fight between Harold the King of England and William, the Norman, who became known as the Conquer, I’m sure you know you’re history).

The site is set in the former gardens of a manor house, that is now long gone, save for the stairs that lead down to the rear gardens. Due to this it’s not an open site but rather set on different levels, with plenty of trees and little enclosed areas, and rather nice for being a bit different in layout than the regular sites you tend to see. The only issue is walking around to find your pitch, the old “that one looks good” then walk the whole site to come back to where we started!


The unpredictable weather actually turned out brilliantly, with these amazing high level clouds, and lovely sunny days, with only one morning a little cloudy before the sunshine returned.


One thing we have decided is before the next season, we want to get a waste hog and aqua roll. We were served by a choice of three waste and water points that were pretty equidistant from our pitch and this would be a good improvement to carrying the current water and waste water containers.

There was something specific I wanted to watch through Sky Go over the weekend, I know I should be on holiday, but never the less I tried and bought a days wifi access. We seemed to be in the only place on site that the laptop couldn’t pick up the signal though. Plan B, my phone could pick it up, so I used that and tethered it to the laptop through the USB connection, now it would work and I could then use the HDMI to connect the laptop to the TV for the largest screen possible! With all these devices and wires, it kinda worked out, with the odd screen freeze waiting for the data! Come Sunday though and it just wouldn’t play ball at all and I gave up and did something else instead, technology 0 holiday 1!

We made two trips out, firstly to Hastings, and because it was so nice out, it was fairly busy, and it was great to just wander along taking it all in. Plenty of people on the beach and a few brave souls in the sea. It’s kind of a town of two halves, the nice old part with the two hillside lifts and the new part with the seaside amusements and shops, I can’t help think they are missing a trick with the place to capitalise on the best bits and lose some of the tacky side of things? Then again the many kids there seemed to like it!

On Sunday we went to Battle Abbey and saw the area the momentous Battle of Hastings took place. Pretty fascinating stuff really. How the Abbey got built right on that spot due to William wanting to atone for the bloodshed that day, the original 11th century building is gone with just some remains of it left, the ‘newer’ part dating from the 13th century, before another historic event finally put an end to that too. It brings history to life to go to these places for me, and know that in a different time right where I was stood, these people were there fighting for the future of the country.

We also had plenty of time to work on that tan so many caravanners seem to possess, and just relax and read with a glass of something too, all in all a great short break, with some more memories created till the next time.


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