Wiring diagrams

The following diagrams are for the Freedom Jetstream 1st Class (2016 model), they may also be the same or similar for other models in the range. Please note, I have electrical experience and have posted this for information purposes. Do not attempt to modify things unless you have the knowledge required to do so. Click to... Continue Reading →


Two gang usb socket

Even before we bought the caravan, I knew the standard single socket wouldn't be enough, and always planned to change it. I liked the idea of being able to have USB charging too, so I started searching for a suitable replacement, and came across this matt black and chrome socket that compliments the black and... Continue Reading →

Pins 9 & 10 part two

If you didn't read part one you can find it here. My first task was to see how easy it would be to remove the fridge worktop, turned out to be quite easy, some easily removed stick on covers were all that were hiding the screws. Once inside I could confirm the Led light had been... Continue Reading →

Aerial connections

As the Freedom caravan doesn't have a built in aerial, I have bought a caramast to fit the jockey wheel, and a small collapsible high gain aerial, with the cable currently being jammed in the door! A neater solution would be to have a point I could connect the aerial coaxial cable to, and from... Continue Reading →

Pins 9 & 10

This write up is to do with the fridge and charging circuits found on our 2016 Freedom Jetstream 1st Class. Firstly a recap as to what pins 9 & 10 should do. They are the 12v pins that supply power when the engine is running to the caravan, 9 providing power to charge the leisure... Continue Reading →

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